Services We Offer:

ESL (English as a Second Language) - English
    language tutoring for non-native English speakers.

Basic literacy - Reading instruction for people who
    speak English, but are reading below sixth grade

GED - tutoring in the five academic subject tests of this high school equivalent certificate.

Family literacy- in partnership with schools or childcare facilities

Workplace literacy - contracted with businesses

Who is eligible for GED and ESL services?

Adults in Williamson County and parts of N/NW Travis County who are at least 17 years old, and not enrolled in school.*

* 17-year-olds must provide school withdrawal papers and parent/guardian signature on registration form.

Fees for Services:

ESL clients pay $20 for each 10-week session course.

Basic literacy clients pay $20 annually for tutoring.

GED clients pay a one-time $20 program fee for services.
(However, we do not turn students away if they cannot pay.)

*Some scholarships are available for the GED test. Please ask the instructor at the site to see if you qualify.

Do daytime hours work best for you?

If you cannot make it to one of our sites because you work in the evening or cannot find access to child care in the evenings please consider coming to our office computer lab.

It is open Monday-Thursday 9:30-4:15. All you need to do is schedule what days and times work for you.

Students can work in print cirriculum or on one of our computers. Please call our office for more information or to schedule your time in the lab at 512-869-0497.