• $20 pays the program fee for 1 student reading
below the 6th grade.
• $20 pays the enrollment fee for 1 student in an
ESL (English as a Second Language) class.
• $95 provides 1 student with financial assistance
to pay for the GED exam.
• $150 provides 1 year of tutoring and books for 1
GED student.
Have an upcoming birthday, wedding or special celebration? Give a lasting gift to those you love by donating in their honor to the Literacy Council of Williamson County. A special acknowledgement will be sent to whomever you designate.

Student Sponsorships Also Available!
To sponsor a student, call Executive Director Robert Pinhero at 512-869-0497.
Community Resource Center
Getsemani Community Center
Why Donate?
There are many ways you, your company or your organization can support literacy. Get involved by working as a volunteer, become a donor, and tell everyone you know about the great work we are doing to help improve the lives of our neighbors-as well as our own-in Travis and Williamson Counties. Over a thousand students benefit from these services every year.

~ 34% of job applicants lack the literacy skills needed to perform that job.

~ High school dropouts earn 65% of what a high school graduate will earn at a job.

~ Help adults learn to read English or help high school dropouts earn a GED and help strenghten your community.
Honor Someone You Love
What will your donation do?